"52 Steps"

I'm at the top of the steps, looking down at the crowd,
My heart beating faster, I see friends all around,
"HOME OF THE SENTINELS" is shining over our heads,
Down those "52" steps come boys dressed in "RED".
Not blue or any other color around,
Only "FORT HILL RED" is allowed to come down.
Some other teams think they have the right to come down,
But just remember these steps are on FORT HILL "HIGH" ground!
At the "FORT" we have guards, that's why we're called "Sentinels",
So don't try to attack us, cause defeat is your sentence.
We run down the steps, thru the sign on the field,
I can feel all the tension beginning to build,
The band starts playing "OVER THE TOP",
Our fans in the stands are beginning to rock!
The coin has been tossed, its time to "Play Ball",
Now all that is left is to give it our all.
I know if we win, there'll be celebrations and cheers,
But if we should lose I know there'll be tears,
But one thing I'll remember and never forget,
I was one of the proud few allowed to run down those steps.
To our teams in the past, "Thanks for the Memories",
To our teammates today, "Let's bring home a VICTORY"!
To our boys in the future, work hard and be true,
Cause those "52" steps are just waiting for YOU!!

By: Karen Horwath Brant
Fort Hill Graduate 1963