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1975 State Championship Game
Famous Lyle Peck 92 yard touchdown run
1975 State Championship Game
Goal Post sign at Friendly High School
1975 State Championship Game
Animal House Victors Photo - One for the ages!
1975 State Championship Game
Champions strike a pose as principal Robert Scarcelli holds the trophy
1975 State Championship
Team Photo
1975 State Coaching Legends
Jimmy Manges (left), Glenn Cross (center), Dick Bittner (right)
Steve Trimble (right) 1974
with Lyle Peck and Charlie Lattimer
#44 Steve Trimble
Carries the ball against Martinsburg (1975)
#44 Steve Trimble
Scores Again (1975)
Steve Trimble
Fort Hill Legend - Class of 1976
"One of a kind from the very beginning"
Times-News Article by Mike Burke
Steve Trimble
Gets a few words from Coach Lattimer

Coaching Legends
Pellerzi, Hahn and McProuty
Head coach Bill Hahn (1942, 1946-1958)

Thanks Doc!
Fort Hill Team Physician Dr. Himmelwright (1954-1976) looks at a player's injured arm.
Dr. G. Overton Himmelwright
They don't make doctors like him anymore. Doc was a special person who touched many lives. He walked the sideline for 23 seasons.
Greg Hare
Former Fort Hill QB Greg Hare (1968-69) played football for Woody Hayes at Ohio State
Mark Manges
QB Mark Manges (1970-73) hands off during a Fort Hill game. Mark started all four years on the varsity.
Mark Manges Sports Illustrated
QB Mark Manges lands on the front cover of Sports Illustrated with the 1976 Maryland Terrapins.

1997 State Championship Game
Fullback Josh Page (#35) takes the handoff against Dunbar.

1997 State Championship Game
Jordan Hamilton (#22) sweeps to the outside on a long run.
1997 State Championship Game
Josh Page (#35) scores a touchdown as QB Josh Grove (#15) celebrates. Page scored more touchdowns (71) and more points (438) than any player in the history of Maryland scholastic football.
1997 State Championship Game
Josh Page helps Fort Hill beat Dunbar.

Homecoming 1977
Allen Boyd (#82) fumbles and Steve Oaks (#87 in the background) picked it up and ran for a touchdown.

Homecoming 1977
Homecoming 1977
Fort Hill's Todd Martin receives the kick off and ended up taking the return for a 90 yard touchdown.
Turkey Day Game 1962
Colin Smith (#44) blocks for Rich Robinson (#30). Game ended in a 14-14 tie.
Turkey Day Game 1964
Fort Hill players #44 Alvin Boore and #35 Allen Forney

Notice the "BEAT FORT HILL" on the back of the Alco jersey.
Homecoming 1979
Fort Hill takes the muddy field.
Homecoming 1979
The Fort Hill sideline
Homecoming 1979
Allegany ball carrier Joey Mullen gang tackled.
Homecoming 1979
Pat D'Atri (#73) throws a block to open a hole.
The Sentinelettes form a line.
The band marches on at halftime.
Homecoming 1984
Coming down the steps in red pants
State Semifinals 1984
Fort Hill defense versus John F. Kennedy
Bishop Walsh 1984
Defense lines up against BW quarterback Brad Smith
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
Fort Hill takes the field in front of the largest crowd to ever see a game at the Stadium.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
Shannon Trimble attempts to run past an Alco defender.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
An estimated 14,000 fans attend this homecoming game. Fort Hill fans on the wooden bleachers cheer on the Big Red.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
Even the end zones were packed.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
A view of the Allegany end zone at the score board end.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
A sea of red & white / blue & white
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
Allegany gets ready to make a goal line stand.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
Shannon Trimble takes the toss sweep.
Homecoming 1994 - The largest crowd
QB Matt Calhoun calls the signals.
Fort Hill 1943 or 1944 photo
Fort Hill 1943 or 1944 photo
Fort Hill 1943 or 1944 photo
Fort Hill 1942 Team Photo
Fort Hill 1943 Team Photo
Fort Hill 1943 or 1944 photo
Donald "Bubbles" Whiteman 1944
Set the school scoring record that year with 119 points
Fort Hill 1949 Team Photo
Fort Hill 1950 Team Photo
Fort Hill Class of 1950
Fort Hill 1958 Team with Coach Hahn
Row 1:Fred Ringer, JackWhite, Paul Appel, Jerry Meeks, Dave Durst, Head Coach William P. Hahn
Row 2: Dalton Hillegas, Thurl Roy, Doug Metz, Mike McCullough, Denny Burn, Tom Shaw
Fort Hill 1948 Team Photo
Fort Hill 1987 Offensive Line
Left to Right: Mark McConnell, John McKinney, Russ Workman, Mike Squires, Glenn Simpson
Mark McConnell (1987)
Coach Mike Calhoun (late 1980s)
Homecoming 1987
Mark McConnell celebrates, Jim Furstenberg (#86) in background

1984 Fort Hill Football Team - Offense
State Semifinals at John F. Kennedy
Site Owner Todd Helmick #64
1984 State Semifinals at John F. Kennedy
My Dad - Delbert Helmick
Fort Hill RB - 1960
Blaine Shewbridge & Todd Helmick
Homecoming 1984 - Captains Meet For The Coin Toss
Homecoming 1984
The Greatest Upset in Homecoming History
Alco fumbles with 39 seconds left - FH wins 14-12
Todd Helmick - 1987 Florida State Univ.
Bobby Bowden's best team ever according to him
1952 Fort Hill Stadium Video Footage (click here)
The Industrial Bowl - A game played between West Virginia University and Washington & Lee University right here in Cumberland.